Love at First Sight

Love (At First Sight)


Ahhh love! It’s an emotion we all desire to have in our lives. And not just a “feel good love”, but a love that stands the test of time. A love that makes us each feel like any song from an Alicia Keys or Maxwell catalog. Love feels so damn good doesn’t it…or at least we’ve been told. If we aren’t kidding ourselves, love is a commodity more costlier than the most precious stone on Earth and it is so hard to come by. There is a thrill in finding   love.
It feels like an addiction when it’s exciting and new. In fact, nothing knocks us off our feet more than the feeling of LOVE (AT FIRST SIGHT).

Have I had love (at first sight)? I’m sure I have. But it was at a time when I was much younger and much more…”free”. As a man in his mid-30s, I can’t say love at first sight is high on the priority list. In fact, I’ve had so many so-called love at first sight episodes, my experiences should have a syndicated TV show.
I’d call it “The Real HouseDummies of Cupids Arrow”…SMH!!!! 

But we can dream, can’t we? With dreaming comes the manifestation of what we ultimately desire–to live in the moment of being frivolous. But at some point, you identify the benefits of being responsible with how you evaluate and respond to love. We must understand there are levels of love. Those levels determine the level of intimacy and the relationships you allow in your life. There are certain timeframes or benchmarks that must be implemented. Not for societal comparisons of what is deemed acceptable, but to give yourself a chance to assess if a potential partner ultimately deserves to have the “potential” designation removed and become your compatible partner.

Finding love at first sight can be quite the fairy tale journey. But redefining your expectations of how you determine love (at first sight) may not be about anyone else. Maybe the person you ultimately end up in love with at first sight, just may end up with you falling in love with yourself…all over again.


6 thoughts on “Love at First Sight

  1. it’s true the young heart falls to easy but with time we stumble into love rather than fall. we are more cautious and we do set time benchmarks on love. this piece made me think hard about falling in love. I would love to fall like I was 18 again when love was the greatest power and rationality was abandoned

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  2. Love at first sight? It’s truly a fairytale at my age. When I was younger, it wasn’t. Only because I didn’t know what I know now. Unfortunately, I’ve become so jaded; love is the furthest from my mind.

    Very insightful though, Chuck!!

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  3. It can happen only both parties are willing to extensively communicate on what it is they want. Sight can only go so far but substance is what will make the love at first sight substantial!!!

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  4. Although there are exceptions to every rule; Love at first site is a concept for kids, who have the time and remaining lives to risk pursuing such nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good for some great times and fond memories, but being middle aged and on like my 7th life now: I don’t have time for such frivolities. I’d much more perfer a strong initial connection, and a peek inside his mind & soul. This is all I’ll need to know if this is someone even worth the time of farther pursuit.

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