Freaky Sex


It is said men are visual creatures. I’d argue men aren’t just visual creatures, but sexual ones as well. Being a man myself, I can certainly attest this is unequivocally true. There is something majestic, alluring, and powerful about the male physique. Strong, domineering, hard, scrupulous in it’s form makes the male body a difficult one to ignore. But there are other aspects which cannot be ignored. For one, in order to have a real relationship with a man, you have to connect with a man’s heart, mind, and more importantly, the soul. But what happens when the chemistry a man gives off is so distracting, you cannot focus on who he is in his own right? What happens when you give into him sexually and you can’t break away?
What happens when the sex is so freaky, you forgo your morals and expectations? Only time will tell—or maybe, the nut will.

If you are like me, Sunday brunches are not just an option, but a necessity. However, this particular Sunday, I was not prepared to digest the load that was about to be spewed upon me. Jonathan, a really good friend of mine asked me to meet him for brunch at one of our favorite restaurants. If you’ve read No Fats, No Fems, you may be familiar with how great of a friend he has been to me. He asked me how much time I had available as he was in dire need of some feedback from a recent trip to the Jamaica. For my friends, I’m always available to lend a listening ear. Not to mention, I will provide friendly, non-judgmental advice if requested. Looking rather flustered as he arrived, I sarcastically asked, “Damn, you must have had you back broken in this weekend homie?” “Why you say that?!”, he coyly responds. “Because I know you. I know alcohol may have been involved, but so was semen.”, I added. My sarcastic humor was met with an awkward silence. Jonathan’s face showed a sense of boyish charm and devilish dismay as he quizzically decides on how to deliver what would be one of the most outlandish sexual escapades of his lifetime.

I couldn’t wait to hear every torrid detail of what happened and when our food arrived, I was prepared to be slayed without interruption. And now, Jonathan’s saga begins…
“Well, what can I tell you? It was…HOT! You know I went to Jamaica with a friend of mine Eric, right? It was a last minute trip so we really didn’t have any plans other than have a good time. So when I get there, we went to the pool, relaxed; we just sat by the poolside bar and talked to the people who visited the bar. Next thing you know, Eric says, ‘Hey there is a guy that is coming by and wants to know if he can bring his friend to chill with us.’ I mean, I didn’t want to say ‘no’ because I was staying in his room. So, when they came, they were OK. I mean—-they were OK. By the time they arrived, it was after 10p. They both arrived and jumped right in the pool. It was casual at first but then—it got, well…interesting. So both guys became pretty affectionate with us in the pool. Derrick, the guy I was with, grabbed me by the waist and pulled me close to him. My back was facing him and he held me really tight. He slid his hand down my swim trunks and massaged the area between my balls and my opening. I thought I was going to scream. I started to tremble. The tighter he held me, the stronger my quivers became. He kissed my neck and began to rub and caress my nipples. I was like you know what, I’m in Jamaica, no one else is around but Eric and us. I just let go. He removed my trunks and he also removed his. We were all naked by this point. We bumped and grind on each other. After a while, Eric came over and grabbed Derrick’s…dick. I didn’t know what to do. But the guy he was with subtly slid his finger between my cheeks and I lost it. Next thing you know, he and I kissed and it was as if we were just as magnetic in our connection as I was with Derrick. Eric wanted us to go upstairs. At this point, when we got back to the room we both were kissing our partners. It was hot…and passionate…and I was overwhelmed a little bit. Derrick grabbed me by the wrist and led me to the bed. He kissed my body from head to toe. He took out a condom, slid it on, and began to passionately kiss me and pushed it in. It was hot, but I stopped him. I didn’t want to go all the way with him. It was too much for me. In the other bed, Eric and his partner were already having sex. I’m not sure if it was the distraction of them getting it in, but I just couldn’t. Derrick just wanted to hold me. He was so nice. But when Eric noticed we stopped having sex, he asked if Derrick wanted to join them, and he did. I wanted him to join them so I could watch. They started to have a threesome that I wanted to be a part of, but I couldn’t. As Eric was having sex, he was also having oral sex with Derrick. I think, I wanted to join in but couldn’t. Is that bad? Should I have joined in and really just let go and seized the moment?”

Jonathan and I had a really in-depth, heart to heart after he detailed every facet of the sexual encounter. What I came away with was how much he was willing to sacrifice his morals based on a moment or a feeling. They remained in contact after that trip and actually got to know each other for a few months. The truth was the distance was the only thing that got in the way and not the conditions in which they were introduced to each other. Energy and magnetism are very powerful things. What two people have between each other is only something they can understand. What looks bizarre or unorthodox to some may be a paradigm shift to another. What really matters in that moment is Jonathan came out of his shell. He allowed himself to be led by a gut feeling and not by his intellect. Unfortunately, sometimes intellect isn’t a reliable compass when dealing with the matters of the heart. After all, the head and the heart serve two different purposes, right? But the important lesson to be learned is to trust. Trust your instinct, trust your gut, trust your libido, trust your heart, and more importantly, trust your soul. This encounter was one Jonathan has never considered indulging in before. But what he got out of it was more than a lesson; he had a moment to express and show the vulnerability of his soul—and that, aside from a nut, is priceless.


13 thoughts on “Freaky Sex

    • Then I have a question if the freaky sex is so important the one man that gives you that an he has health issues being able to perform those would you leave him because he cannot 

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  1. This was a great read!!! I think freaky sex is a good thing in a loving relationship it raises the level of trust between the two and giving into each other wants and needs.

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  2. Here’s my take on it. I get that things got steamy in Jamaica and him and the guy hit it off real well but was it really that much of a connection as he makes it seem? They were bumping and grinding, they even got down to putting the condom on and put the head in. Your friend ask him to stop and he did, but the other friend ask the guy did he want to join and the guy did. So how much was the connection if he could leave you there and have sex with the other guys. I get having morals, but why take the high road in the middle of bumping and grinding. The high road should have been in the beginning. That’s just my thoughts.

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  3. I had a travel buddy and we had an understanding that when we traveled there was almost no holds barred. Obviously Jonathan didn’t know Eric as well as he thought he did before going to of all places Jamaica.

    Morals have nothing to do with this, he was well aware of what was about to go down before they got to the room. His “morals” should have kicked in when things started in the pool.

    Jamaicans may have a reputation of being homophobic but we are highly sexual people and dude wasn’t going to say no to joining in if Jonathan was so uptight and fighting with himself to just enjoy the moment. Sex is sex and when you’re on vacation in another country but all emotions aside and remember it’s just a nutt.

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  4. Not sure what is considered “freaky”. Shy of scat, blood, women, and children, I have very few taboo’s.


  5. Personally, I would rather have passionate sex than freaky sex.

    As far as the article is concerned, I think that we have all at one time let our guard down due to the fact that they either made us feel comfortable or hit our “spot”. I don’t do one night stands or practice random acts of sex, but under the same circumstances and with the right guy, I may have found myself in the bed as well. I would of probably stopped the sex as well, again depending, but I would of definitely had a problem if dude went over with my friend and I might of even put my friend in check later about him asking him to join.


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