Love Is…(Spoken Word)


My soul is on an infinite journey
To find true love
It has visited peaks and valleys
To hell and the heavens above

In an infinite universe of abundance
Why is love so hard to find?
Am I programmed to desire it?
Is it all in my mind?

For the times I’ve acquired love
I felt so alive
But the times love has left me
I felt love was a lie

You see, love is supposed to heal
And teach me about who I am
It’s not supposed to harm me
Love is not a scam (right)?

(chuckles) Of course it isn’t
If I’m honest, love has set me free
It’s been a pivotal force
And allowed me to authentically me

I have love in my life
And he loves me
He gives love freely
And he gives it intimately

But the love I have for myself
Breaks all barriers; not to be remiss
Owning the highest level of self-respect
That is what true…love is


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